How It Works ?

With StopAll Ads, you don’t need to worry about unwanted content and ads any more. Just install this add-on on your browser and enjoy ads-free browsing!

  • Block Ads. Surf Freely. Surf Safely
  • Deactivate Social Media buttons
  • Block Malware domains
  • Disable website tracking

FAQ- All You need to know about StopAll Ads

What is StopAll Ads?

StopAll Ads is a free browser extension which enables you to block irrelevant and repetitive ads which add no value to your surfing experience. In addition, it also helps you to avoid being tracked by websites, blocks all domains that can spread malware, and even lets you disable social media buttons while you are surfing.

How does StopAll Ads work?

StopAll Ads is an extension which doesn’t have any functionality on its own. Until and unless you specify your ad-blocking requirements StopAll Ads won’t function. For StopAll Ads to work, you need to apply filter lists. These are an exhaustive set of rules that decide what kind of content needs to be blocked for your benefit. The most prevalent blockable element on any given website are annoying ads. In addition, StopAll Ads also blocks website tracking and malware domains for safer, private and faster surfing experiences.

StopAll Ads has two broad categories which will help you to manage the website content(s) you want to block. One is the general blocking list and the other is the Acceptable Ads list. These are enabled by default to help you. You can use other options – such as deactivation of tracking and social media buttons –later, if you so wish.

The primary blocking list disables ads (and other content) which are widely recognized as intrusive and/or annoying by the user community. The Acceptable Ads criteria whitelists ad content that are not considered irrelevant according to user-generated preferences.

How to disable tracking?

Surfing means you are leaving your digital footprints all over the Net. This gives countless organizations to keep a tab on your online activities and browsing history. With StopAll Ads you can enjoy private surfing by disabling most of website tracking.

How to block Malware domains?

With StopAll Ads you can protect yourself against malware induced cyberattacks such as data/identity theft or complete system lockdown. The Add On helps you configure your system to block known malware domains, thereby protecting your computer against viruses, Trojan horses, worms, adware and spyware.

How to disable Social Media buttons?

Almost every website has Social Media sharing buttons. Even if you are not clicking them, they send requests to the respective social network's servers which uses the information to create a profile based on your browsing habits.

Disable social media buttons from websites using StopAll Ads, so that social networks cannot access sites you visit and create a profile for you, which you don’t want in the first place.